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Can we quote on items not found in our catalog?
Yes!  If you need a fastener that is not a standard length or material, or needs to meet certain specifications that are not easily found, we want to find it and price it for you.  Many manufacturers need a product that suits their own needs and specific uses.  We have many worldwide sources that can bid on any type or quantity of fastener that you want.  All we need is your specifications, quantity, and date needed on our Fast Quote Form and we will do the rest.  You can email or fax us the form.

Is there a price break for larger quantities?
Yes!  There is usually a price break for higher quantities and larger orders.  We can offer a price reduction on large quantities of a specific item.  We can also offer lower prices for orders that have lots of different items.  In other words, the more of one item you need, the lower the price.  The more items you order at one time, the lower the price.  We are committed to offering you the lowest price we can and deliver it in a timely manor.
Why is the “date needed” so important?
The date that you actually need the product delivered to you can be just as important as the price.  The more time you give us to shop the right price for a timely delivery can result in a lower price.  Even though we offer the best price possible for quick deliveries, there may be an extra savings if more lead time is given for delivery.

Can we warehouse items you need in large quantities and release them to you on an “as needed” basis?
Yes!  If you have a specific item that you want to order in large quantities to get the right price but do not have the storage space to hold them, we can help.  We can warehouse certain items for your company and release them in the quantities you want as you need them.  We can even set up a special billing platform so that you pay for the items as you use them.

Can we set up your company on an “open account” basis to make billing and payments easier?
We will be happy to set your company up on an “open account” basis.  We can even offer an additional discount for invoices paid within 10 days.  Just complete the credit information form provided on our site and we will process your request immediately.

Can we help your engineers find the right fastener for your needs?
Our reference manual is one of the best in the industry.  It has specifications on all of the items that we sell.  We also have in house fastener specialists who can consult with you directly to find the right fastener for your product.

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