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About Us

Fast Track Fasteners is a web site based business that acts as a central locator for ANY and ALL Fastener needs.  Combining over 40 years of experience in the Fastener Industry we can insure you the best price and delivery time possible.  We can promise to locate ANY Fastener you may be looking for in ANY quantity and in ANY size or configuration no matter how special your needs may be in a timely matter.

We have produced a Web-Site that is user friendly for any Purchasing Agent to use.  We know how hard it can be to not only locate a particular Fastener but to be able to buy it at the lowest cost and get it delivered in time to place into your product.  Fast Track Fasteners has hundreds of manufacture’s who can quote on your needs at very fair prices.  Our goal is to take the time consuming task Purchasing Agents have in locating a product at the right price and give them a central web-site to go to that will save them time and money to increase the profit level on their particular product.

We promise, not only a timely response on quotes on the products that you need, but a price that is fair along with a shipping time that meets your time tables for production.  We can ship you your Fasteners direct from many sources without the added cost of warehousing your product or delays that occur when processing these items in from different locations.  We do have the ability to keep items on OUR shelves and release them to you as needed to help you keep your cost of warehousing them down and save you money and space for items that you use regularly.

Let us use our knowledge of Fasteners to help you save money and time.  All you need to do is to let us know what type of Fasteners you need and we will do all of the work to locate, price, and ship you the product.  We have many diverse payment plans available to help you save even further on your purchases.

Just simply bring up our web-site, on your computer and tell us what you need and put us to work for you.

It is that simple!

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